Geolocal communications

Adcity is a new cross-channel, data-driven geolocal solution that offers unique local marketing expertise to impact clients’ business.

Three key elements

The approach is based on three major elements:

  • Local and multi-local market knowledge: a network of local experts who understand sales territories
  • Geolocalized media expertise: an enthusiastic team that understands local, cross channel, online and offline media
  • Proprietary intelligence: a unique approach combining data with media and marketing offers

Data lever for business

Adcity uses data as a lever to improve clients’ business efficiency, from media planning to business planning. By identifying, analyzing and developing specific attraction zones (store formats, reasons to visit, etc), the team conceives flexible spheres of attraction to reach tailored client profiles, consumer behaviors, distinct mobility patterns and media consumption habits.  

Life spheres vs administrative zones

The Adcity approach is based on looking further than administrative zones to create life spheres, “mind maps” that represent behavior by similar targets. It surpasses typical individual socio-demographic profiles to account for specific behaviors: mobility, consumer journeys, purchasing practices, media consumption, etc.
Adcity offers clients a full suite of services in their backyards: local and multi-local pluri-media strategic counsel, data and geomarketing consulting, auditing and definition of client business territories, multichannel planning and buying capabilities from TV to digital, and both media and non-media solutions (street marketing, events, etc).