Human Programmatic

Affiperf, the programmatic trading desk of Havas Group, combines the best of technology-driven machine learning with data-savvy human expertise. With over 180 traders, experts in business analysis, data science, engineering and media, Affiperf fuels growth for advertisers in over 49 countries.

Service offer

Affiperf delivers respecting 5 key principles:

  • Brand Safety: Through exclusion and custom lists, Affiperf an appropriate environment for all communications.
  • Visibility: Bot net control tools allow us to reach human targets, and a mixture of predictive technology, probabilistic approach, and above the fold targeting guarantees that your ad is seen.
  • Protection: All campaign data is managed by Artemis Alliance, fully ISO27001 compliant. Access to data is controlled; data is safe against copy, transfer or destruction; and data integrity is preserved.
  • Reporting: With Artemis Alliance, we provide a full suite of reporting to deliver strategic insights.
  • Techno Neutrality: Meta-DSP provides access to “best built” solutions across all programmatic DSPs (Demand Side Platforms).


Whether your objective is awareness, preference, traffic or conversion, or a combination of all, Affiperf proposes actionable solutions with guaranteed, cross device integration. From homepage and skinz, banners, instream, video inbanner, to mobile (with Mobext), inread and inboard and synchronized TV, Affiperf products seek to maximize data and targeting to reach audiences and deliver results.