Passionate about Performance

Ecselis is the online performance marketing brand of Havas, with over 320 specialists in 38 markets. Offering channel expertise as well as multi-channel products Ecselis promises to develop your business and your brand.  

Channel expertise

  • SEO: Based on three core components: relevancy, authority and technical optimization.  
  • Paid Search: Three pillars unlock the full value of search: Brilliant Basics, Audience Targeting & Personalization, and Technology & Data Integration.
  • Affiliate Marketing: A wide array of services including affiliate marketing, app downloads, email marketing, lead generation, and retention technology activated through different payment models: CPA, CPD, CPM, CPL and CPA/CPL.
  • Performance Display: Unique customer acquisition strategies and recommendations to optimize responsiveness, through real-time monitoring, to boost cross-level synergies.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO): Our structured, step by step approach from data gathering through improved customer theory.
  • Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO): Our rules-based platform serves ads based on data such as location, weather and audience segment.

Multi-channel performance products

Ecselis also offers many specialized products to help our clients drive their business and optimize ROI in the digital age. By using best-in-class technology platforms and innovative methods, we are able to plan, buy, optimize and analyze integrated performance campaigns for our clients.

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