Social + Analyse

Socialyse, the social media solution of Havas Group, provides a unique, integrated and synchronized social media offer:  strategy to content, through media, driven by analytics and data.

A unique model

Socialyse gathers together talent with full social expertise:  analysts, strategists and more than 130 senior social media operators. Using proprietary and always state-of-the-art technologies, Socialyse commits to results and prices across owned, shared, earned and paid media. Socialyse combines the agility of a startup and the strength of a powerful global network, serving 35 markets.

Integrated products and services

Socialyse offers a diversified and multichannel approach driven by data.  

  • Ad in APPS
  • Social Video with Facebook & Twitter
  • TV & Twitter Complementary Strategy
  • Social Rating Point (SRP) for TV & Web Synchronisation 
  • Socialyse News Room for Brand Content & PR

Socialyse provides a massive and qualitative inventory through social gaming, social applications and social video; combines interest optimization tools and advanced targeting cross-channel remarketing solutions via advanced pixel targeting to improve ROI; and enriches data with customized shortener, off-line behavior data and always real time optimization solutions. Campaigns results are always more measurable with fully customized dashboards to demonstrate achievements across KPIs and business objectives.